We Are Only One Tribe. #iChoosePeace

Versão em Português.

It was close to Christmas and I was finishing my first six months living outside of Brazil, in Lebanese lands. Even though we were in a Middle Eastern region, we were all immerse in a Christian environment, at least me and the students of the university that could not go home at that time. All those feelings of nostalgia and homesick were mixed with the gladness to be among new friends, a new context. One of those amazing friends that I have met there was called Simon Lasu, a tall young South Sudanese boy, with one of the most beautiful hearts that I have ever seen in my life.

However, it was almost Christmas, and this big heart was not as happy as usual. It was because in December 15 of 2013, a war started in his home, in his country. There was a conflict in South Sudan, between the forces of the government and opposition forces. This was taking the lives of many people day after day.

I still do not consider myself a photographer until now, but this was one of the first times that I decided to use photography to bring meaning to something else. I took my simple camera, and together with my friend, we decided that even if we could not do something more effective, we could still shout. Then he took a paper and wrote on it: #iChoosePeace! Other friends joined us in support, and it became a movement.



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