It’s Not Yours, Don’t Touch It!!

(Versão em Português)

Recently, a case of 16 years old girl being raped by 30 (or more) men shocked the entire nation of Brazil. The rape had been filmed and publicized on internet. This brutality is a monstrosity! However, as many articles have already shown, this is not the first time it happens. In India, gang raping has become a cultural behavior.  In Brazil, sexual abuse, on all the levels—from a man touching the body of a woman inside of a metro car, or a guy forcing his friend to do a sexual act with him, to the full disgusting action of raping—has been happening for a long time.

As YOU know, it happens in so many countries! It does not matter if the person is rich or poor. From USA to Kenya, from UK to Afghanistan and Philippines…abuse is as historically present as the culture is, but abuse is still ABUSE! It is the same concept that moms, and I believe, many dads too, have been teaching their children for centuries: “If it is not yours, you cannot take it!”

I was shocked to hear men AND women (and even I myself) argue by saying: “But how was she dressed?”, “What did she drink at the time?”, and the worse one, “But look at her, she asked it!” Did she ask for it?? This is the point! If she or he did not ask for ANY interaction, if she or he did not let ANYBODY touch her/his body, DO NOT DO IT!! It does not matter how they are dressed, how much they have drunk or whatever; they don’t belong to you! You cannot take them. There is no excuse for doing what is wrong! If there is a wallet full of money on the table, can you take it, just because you saw it there? If there is your favorite food ready to be served to someone else, can you eat it just because you like it? NO, YOU CANNOT!

The Ten Commandments states: “You shall not murder” neither the body nor the soul of somebody else! “You shall not commit adultery.” It does not matter with whom! “You shall not steal” the life and memories of someone and only the person who has already been abused knows what this means! “You shall not covet.” It does not say, “You shall not tempt anybody else.” It says, “You shall not covet”, so even if you have been tempted, do not covet what is not yours!

Do you want be a Christian? Then, be like Joseph, who ran away from what was evil even though he was tempted by a beautiful, sensual, and rich woman, who was actually asking him for sexual favors. He didn’t give in because he knew that she was not his!! Don’t be like Ammon, David’s son, who pretended to be sick to rape “in the name of love” his own half-sister, and after which, he hated her.

The idea is simple, “IF IT IS NOT YOURS, DO NOT TOUCH IT!”

by Allana Ferreira


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